Academic Senate Committees, 2021-2022

Academic Senate Elections Committee
(3 Members)

The Academic Senate Elections Committee supervises and administers all elections of the Senate, Executive Officers, and faculty members on committees with elected representatives; acts as tellers when votes are cast by ballot and reports the results to the Administrative Assistant and the Senate Executive Committee; and, in consultation with the Office of Institutional Research, conducts opinion polls of the electorate on any issue, as directed by the Senate.

Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg

John Stover

Filomena Avila

Faculty Fund for Advanced Studies
(8-10 Contract Faculty)

The Faculty Fund for Advanced Studies Committee solicits funds in support of contract faculty professional development opportunities; works with the SRJC Foundation to oversee the stewardship of FFAS funds and their distribution; solicits applications by contract faculty members in support of professional development; screens applicants and selects grant winners; and organizes and hosts the annual Soupfest Awards Event.

Jocelyn Arild

Jeanette Benfarhat

Danielle King

Gina Lord

Mai Nazif

Nancy Persons

Hal Sanford

Frindell Teuscher

Hollie Tracy


Faculty Professional Development Committee
(6 members - 4 Academic Senate + 1 AFA + 1 AFA Adjunct)

The Faculty Professional Development Committee is responsible for determining the professional development needs of the faculty, setting goals, and evaluating progress toward those goals; oversees all professional development for the faculty, including the Flexible Calendar; coordinates its work with the staff development activities of other groups in the College through the Professional Development Committee; maintains close communication with and receives guidance from the Senate; consults with the bargaining agent when appropriate.

Anne Donegan

Lauralyn Larsen

Matthew Martin

Catherine Williams

Faculty Recognition Committee
(No limit)

The Faculty Recognition Committee strives to ensure that there is meaningful public recognition for outstanding work done by individual faculty members or by programs for which the faculty is responsible; keeps track of the annual awards given to faculty members by local, state, and national groups, and develops a timely process for nominating SRJC faculty members and programs for these awards; advocates, as appropriate, for faculty recognition by SRJC and State and/or Federal Organizations; and, with support from the Academic Senate Office, organizes and hosts the annual Faculty Recognition Awards Event.

Luz Navarrette Garcia

Melissa Gory

Margaret Grayson

Gina Lord

Scott Meehl

Holly Vettori (chair)

Professional Ethics Committee
(16 members, two-year appointment)

The Professional Ethics Committee is convened at the request of the Academic Senate President in response to a filed ethics complaint; completes an evaluation of whether a complaint warrants further investigation; completes further investigation(s) as warranted; and, at the completion of an ethics investigation, makes recommendations for further action and/or resolution to involved parties and the Academic Senate President.

Filomena Avila

Canon Crawford

Arthur Hseih

Steven Kessler

Danielle King

Gina Lord

Debbie Morikawa

Orlando Raola

Scott Rosen

Tad Wakefield







Program Review, Evaluation, Revitalization, and Discontinuance
(6 members)

The Program Review, Evaluation, Revitalization, and Discontinuance Committee evaluates certificates or majors in the six-year rotation using the rubric information, District-compiled data, PRPP documents, and consideration of the recommendations made by the Academic Affairs Council; and makes recommendations to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Anne Donegan

Ann Foster

Chris Grant

Donald Laird

Eric Thompson

Julie Thompson