Annual Academic Senate Goals

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Academic Senate Goals for 2016-2017

Rank Goal 10 + 1


Full-time Faculty Hiring Towards 75/25: The AS will continue to advocate for full-time hires; the senate will vigilantly remind the institution of 75/25 goal.

10, 11


Faculty Hiring Process: The AS will advocate that the procedure for hiring faculty be made more transparent. 

10, 11


Repeatability Restrictions: The AS will advocate for the repeal of repeatability restrictions to the administration and the state senate (ASCCC) leadership.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10


Enrollment Management: The AS will advise that the institution's approaches to enrollment management-scheduling, recruitment, and retention-be informed by faculty expertise.

5, 10


Waitlist/Class Size Task Forces: The AS will carefully shepherd these projects so that the outcome is imbued with the best pedagogical approach.

1, 5, 10


Budget Awareness and Transparency: The AS will undertake to educate itself and the faculty about the district's budget, and lend its voice firmly from an informed standpoint.



AFA/Senate Relations: The AS will converse regularly with AFA to solve problems of common interest and effectively collaborate on issues of overlapping purview.

10 + 1


Student Equity Planning: The AS will work to ensure that faculty participation is effective and ongoing in the forming and implementing of SSSP and SE plans.

5, 10


Facilities Master Plan: The AS will endeavor to imbue the FMP process with faculty perspective.



Professional Development: The AS will continue to exercise its purview in guiding policies for PD activities.

6, 8, 10