The New Faculty Mentor Program

SRJC's mentoring program pairs each new tenure-track faculty member with a contract faculty member from a different discipline. Each mentor/mentee pair creates a meeting schedule that includes at least one meeting a month for about an hour. These meetings can be on or off campus and are meant to provide new faculty with an extra layer of support as they move into their new role at SRJC and their new Sonoma County surroundings. 

Below are some suggestions of things for a mentor to cover or do to assist new faculty members. These are ideas from former participants in the program, but the list is by no means exhaustive or prescriptive.

  • Share information about college committees, Board policy, and the Contract.
  • Invite the new faculty member to visit your classroom to observe your teaching.
  • Assist with familiarity/location of college sites.
  • Share knowledge of key people/contacts at the college.
  • Assist with procedures for accessing services such as getting computer services, etc.
  • Offer some off-campus interaction like lunch downtown.
  • Assist with understanding of funding/budget.
  • Discover their interests and introduce them to people at the college with like interests.
  • Share information about the local community, especially if the new faculty member is new to the area.
  • Encourage them to serve as a mentor in the future.
  • Any other facts or advice you wish you’d known as a new faculty member.


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