Current Senate Projects & Workgroups

Board Procedure 3.16, Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Workgroup in partnership with the District, create a CPL procedure modeled on that of Palomar Community College and ensuring the appropriate role of discipline faculty, for review by the Senate.

  • Jessica Bush, Counseling, workgroup lead
  • Vanessa Luna Shannon, Director, Gateway to College
  • Laura Ainsworth, Communications
  • Canon Crawford, Library & Info Resources
  • Mark Ferguson, Mathematics
  • Donald Laird, Computer Studies
  • Amy Merkel, Counseling

Faculty Job Announcement Task Force will, by a specified date, solicit comments and ideas from the faculty, research effective practices, and present to the Senate ideas for consideration and possible endorsement regarding the faculty job announcement.

  • Roy Gattinella, Business
  • George Sellu, Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Laura Sparks, Earth & Space Sciences
  • Kat Valenzuela, Mathematics
  • Catherine Williams, Behavioral Sciences

Senate Subgroup to Review the Constitution will facilitate review of the Constitution, soliciting from all Senators input regarding the Constitution’s internal contradictions, omissions, and needs; collect Senators’ recommendations regarding possible Constitutional revisions; and present findings to the full Senate for discussion, deliberation, and decisions regarding revision of the Academic Senate Constitution.

  • Monica Ohkubo, Kinesiology, Athletics, & Dance, co-lead
  • John Stover, Behavioral Sciences, co-lead
  • Jennifer Carlin-Goldberg, Mathematics
  • Anne Donegan, Social Sciences
  • Joe Fassler, Chemistry & Physics
  • Tara Jacobson, Kinesiology, Athletics, & Dance
  • Kat Valenzuela, Mathematics